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"Dia de los Muertos" is a celebration of life! Viva la Vida!
Welcome, Art Teachers and fans of Day of the Dead.
by some of my 900 art
students. Every three
weeks I alternate between
two elementary schools in
Corpus Christi, TX.
I have been a
K-5 Fine Arts teacher
for 15 years. I present
Folk Art workshops for kids
and adults and sell some of
my art works on eBay. Rod is
my husband and art partner.
Feminine Sugar Skull
Missy Cripps, 2009
"Homie con Velas"
Diana Vela Carter
Glaze on 6 x 6 Terra Cotta
wall tile.
Dia de los Muertos strengthens the belief that our earthly presence is
but a mere station in the cycle of life.
For those who believe in an afterlife,  Death is just one leg of
the soul's journey and not the end.
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comments and
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Day of the Dead Skeletons are called "Calacas," and they
represent all walks of life.
These Red Earth Clay sculptures are quite fanciful!
Art by 5th grade art students in Corpus Christi, TX.
Red Earth Coil pottery. Skull portraits were applied with
white and black glaze. Features were scratched out
(scraffitto) with a pencil befor firing. (4th grade students)
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Our mission is to:

  • Provide educational entertainment. Learning and making art is fun!
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For awarding me their 2011 scholarship to Cemanahuac College in Cuernavaca, Mexico!
Would you be afraid to spend all night in a cemetery?
Not if you were attending a “Dia de los Muertos” celebration! Upon arrival you might find mariachis playing music, colored
lights everywhere, food, laughter and people dancing around in skeleton costumes. Participants would be hosting little parties
and picnics at the grave sites of loved ones. Imagine the graves adorned with flowers, candles, and colorful “papel picado,” or
cut-paper garlands. Smell the favorite foods of the honored deceased and see colorful altars bearing photos and other
personal items brought to honor beloved ones. Taste those whimsical sugar skulls available only this time of year...
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Beautiful, Original Tie-Dye
by Rod and Diana Carter!
Dia de los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico and
Latin America countries the week leading up to November 2nd.
Although the holiday comes during Halloween season,
it is not morbid or spooky.
Day of the Dead imagery is friendly, festive and
teaches that death is a natural part of the cycle of life.
The holiday provides a wonderful opportunity to teach the
young abouttheir ancestors and tell family stories. It is a fun
time to be with family, make art, eat sweets and celebrate
life. Viva la Vida!